Week 3- part 2.

What is the latest medical thinking about internet addiction? What database did you use? Full citation.

A recent paper on the results from a German population-based survey suggests that, while there is a growing number of publications about internet addiction, there is still not one singular definition or assessment procedure for it. 

Müller, K, Glaesmer, H, Brähler, E, Woelfling, K, & Beutel, M 2014, ‘Prevalence of internet addiction in the general population: results from a German population-based survey’,Behaviour & Information Technology, 33, 7, pp. 757-766, CINAHL Plus with Full Text, EBSCOhost, viewed 26 August 2014.

Found on database: EBSCO Host. 

What are IT engineers thinking about surveillance cameras? Identify a theme you could write an essay about and cite three papers that would be useful.

Recently, IT engineers have found that some of the most popular surveillance cameras on the market can be hacked quite easily. Senior security engineer at Gotham Digital Science, Justin Cacak, has explained that this is because many cameras are sold with remote internet access enabled and weak password security. A good theme about this issue would be safety and teaching people how to make sure they are electronically safe from hackers. Some good papers include:

– Zetter, K 2012, Most popular surveillance cameras can be hacked, viewed 27 August, 2014, <http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/05/most-popular-surveillance-cameras-can-be-hacked/&gt;

While this is not a scholarly source, it will provide a lot of background information.


– “BAHRAIN : Batelco introduces Safety Surveillance Camera Solution package”, 2011, MENA Report, . This paper provides information on how companies have responded to the surveillance camera safety solution.


– Sheldon, B. 2011, “Camera surveillance within the UK: Enhancing public safety or a social threat?”, International Review of Law, Computers and Technology, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 193-203. 

This paper provides both the pros and cons of camera surveillance. 


– Shema, M. & Books24x7, I. 2012, Hacking web apps: detecting and preventing web application security problems, Syngress, Boston; Amsterdam.

This book provides information about hacking online and how to prevent it from happening.



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